Lighting for Parking Garages and Underground Car Parks with Luxsystem and the DALI-uP lighting control

User-friendliness in combination with architectural design. That ensures good lighting in parking areas or in this case in a private underground car park in Berlin. Many find it difficult to adjust to the lighting levels in underground car parks as they come from significantly higher levels outside. Luxsystem LED luminaires with higher illuminance can minimize the risk of accidents.

Safety and the orientation improves considerably with better illumination on the floors and compliance with DIN EN-12464-1. Planners deemed it extremely important for both the drivers and pedestrians. The lighting solution implements Luxsystem SLS 20.3 luminaires with practical DALI lighting controls to ensures additional functionality and safety margins while being easily installed. Very easily installed, according to the client.

An excellent example of how the lighting of good parking of areas and security can complement each other.

Property owner

Light planning


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED +
DALI-uP lighting controls

Luxsystem Steckvorrichtung LED Lichtlinie 20.3 schnelle Montage