Refurbishing your lighting system

fluorescent lamps sales ban T8 T5 SLS

The sales ban for T8, T5 and SLS fluorescent lamps will come into force from 25.08.2023. From then on, no linear T8, T5 or SLS fluorescent lamps may be placed on the market.

We still have stocks of fluorescent SLS lamps, in almost all colours and lengths, so make sure you have a supply for yourself or your customers!

In addition, we offer LED conversion sets - so-called conversion solutions - precisely for this case. In this case, the existing ECG is replaced by an LED driver and the fluorescent lamps are replaced by a professional Luxsystem LED solution. These sets have been used successfully for years and are available in all light colours.

It is a standard-compliant, cost-effective, sustainable and quickly implementable way to halve the energy costs for your lighting. Without additional lighting design and renovation. It also drastically reduces maintenance costs.

Your high-quality luminaires will be used for many years to come, and resources and costs will be saved.

Find out more: sales brochure (PDF) for T5 LED, T8 LED and SLS LED.