Lux Illustriousness - Luxsystem 20.2 LED black

Luxsystem Slim Light Line 20.2 LED in Black

SL 20.2 LED luminaires in a unique black anodized Luxsystem colour. Offering entirely new design possibilities - this luminaire proudly exhibits its puristic design and ultra-minimalist dimensions (only 2.4 cm width). Integrating the latest and highest quality lighting technology ensures the 20.2 LED Luxsystem lights sources provide future proof system longevity. The Luxsystem LED luminaires open an additional dimension of aesthetic LED lighting for both commercial, private, living, and working environments. The well-known Luxsystem SL 20.2 LED luminaires are now available in black. In addition, we have developed an entirely new barely visibile suspension system that further reduces the already minimal visual profile of the suspended luminaires.