Multi-storey car park lighting or underground car park with Luxsystem and the DALI-uP lighting control system

User-friendliness in combination with architectural design. This is what makes good lighting also in a multi-storey car park or here in the private underground car park in Berlin. Especially when entering a multi-storey car park or underground car park, it is often difficult for the driver because the eyes first have to get used to the sudden darkness. Luxsystem's LED luminaires with higher illuminance minimise the risk of an accident.

This safety and orientation (illuminance on the ground, etc. compliance with DIN EN-12464-1) were equally important to the client so that people and vehicles receive the best possible protection. The lighting was implemented with the LED continuous row 20.3 from Luxsystem and the DALI-uP lighting control system, also a product from HADLER GmbH. According to the client, this demand-oriented DALI lighting control system provides more safety and was quick and easy to integrate.

A very good example of how the lighting of parking areas and security can complement each other.

Property owner

Light planning


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED +
DALI-uP lighting controls

Luxsystem Steckvorrichtung LED Lichtlinie 20.3 schnelle Montage