RGBW offers high colour-rendering quality.

Recognise and set the finest nuances and accents.

Brilliant colour rendering by an RGBW illuminant. This illuminant called RGBW combines the advantages of different principles. The intelligent RGBW light source consists of four different colour LEDs to achieve excellent white colour fidelity in addition to the many colours that can be chosen via DALI DT8 (Primary N).

An extraordinary CRI of >93 can be achieved between 3,000 and 4,000 K. Something often sought after for graphic studios, fashion stores, jewellery stores, galleries and museums.

The Bin of each type of individual LED is stored in the internal non volatile memory of the intelligent RGBW light source. This guarantees a remarkably consistant light output for all Luxsystem RGBW light sources and more importantly even applies to replacement modules and future products.