Suitable as an individual, pendant or light-band luminaire:

This LED luminaire offers the right solution for every situation and taste.

In terms of lighting technology, all LED 20.3 luminaire variants from Luxsystem meet the high German standards and quality requirements.

SL 20.3 LED light-band luminaire
The light-band luminaire with the integrated Luxsystem plug connector represents the basic version of the SL 20.3 LED. It can be used to quickly and easily create light bands. Connection to the mains supply is either through the housing base or alternatively using a separate connecting cable.

SL 20.3 LED individual luminaire
As with a light-band luminaire, connection to the mains supply for the individual luminaires is either via a separate connecting cable or through the housing base. A fixed mains connection cable provides the pendant luminaires with strain relief. The Luxsystem SL 20.3 LED is available in two anodised colours. In addition to the familiar silver, a high-quality deep black is now also available. For you this means maximum design freedom at the highest technical level.