Luxsystem is a brand of HADLER GmbH

For more than 30 years HADLER GmbH has developed and produced electronics for the lighting industry. Since 2005 HADLER has also been offering the Luxsystem, its own unique line of minimalistic-design technical luminaires. Ultra slim form factor luminaires that integrate Luxtronic drivers with an expected service

life exceeding 100,000 hours at 40 °C ambient luminaire temperatures. The Luxsystem is synonymous with innovative ultra slim lines of light. Helping to keep the focus on the architecture, Luxsystem luminaires all feature HADLER's unique design, functionality, quality and efficiency.

Ultra slim LED luminaires

Luxsystem slim powerful intelligent led luminaires

Slim, powerful and intelligent – the Luxsystem LED luminaires

One speciality of HADLER GmbH are particularly slim and powerful LED luminaires with intelligent electronic ballast units or LED control gears that are unique in the world market.

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Luxsystem our lighting calculation service

Our quality of service is a competitive advantage for our customers

We are pleased to be able to provide professional assistance with lighting calculations and lighting concept development. Regardless of scope or complexity we can assist with implementation of Luxsystem luminaires into your lighting ideas.

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HADLER Grundsteinlegung

HADLER Grundsteinlegung

Am 08.08.2018 wurde der Grundstein für die neue HADLER Produktionshalle mit Büroeinheit gelegt. Der Neubau entsteht direkt hinter dem bisherigen Firmengebäude an der Fritzlarer Straße.

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The Art of Color: neue LED-Beleuchtungsanwendung für eine hochwertige und individuelle Lichtatmosphäre in nahezu allen Farben.

The Art of Color: neue LED-Beleuchtungsanwendung

Luxsystem präsentiert auf der Architect@Work in Wiesbaden am 29.–30. Mai 2018 die Lichtinnovation Luxsystem DALI uP Beleuchtungs-Kit mit RGBW LED Leuchten. Damit bietet Luxsystem Planern die optimale Lösung, um ein professionelles DALI-Beleuchtungssystem einfach, platzsparend und kostengünstig einzurichten sowie intuitiv zu bedienen.

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Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London entscheidet sich für die SL 20.3 LED von Luxsystem.

New Museum Lighting – ICA with SL 20.3 LED

Providing an outlet for all kinds of experimental art, the world-renowned Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) was founded in London in 1946.

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LED light source

Luxsystem uses exclusively and specially-manufactured LED illuminants (Seamless, T5LED), which are part of Luxsystem's product range. Only high-power LEDs are used in the production of LED illuminants. These are attached to the tube using a special procedure.

For planners and architects, the great advantage of this is that the quality of the lighting remains constant. The spectrum of light colours can be fully utilised. With a luminous efficacy of approx. 160lm/W and without visible light points, Luxsystem's LED illuminants are among the highest-quality solutions available. In addition, they boast a service life of 50,000 hours or more. All reasons for choosing a "Made in Germany" Luxsystem LED.

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