Energy efficiency for any environment.

The LED innovations for interior and exterior lighting.

Reliable and robust: with very broad applications range. Decorative facade lighting or functional general illumination capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions both indoors and outdoors exemplifies how the SL 67.2 LED masters a wide range of lighting tasks.

Combining HADLER's unique new T5 LED lamp solution with the well-proven and reliable SL 67.2 LED luminaire results in a completely new LED solution optimised for heavy duty usage.

Extreme environments and low temperatures don’t hinder the SL 67.2 LED's superior efficacy and considerably better than fluorescent performance. Features like instantaneous turn-on and smooth flicker-free dimming while maintaining colour fidelity can be taken for granted. The exclusive T5 LED technology used provides visually comfortable homogenous lines of light without any disturbing LED dots.