Minimalistic Pendant Luminaires for the Office and Workplace.

New light sources specifically matched to the requirements of modern computer workstations.

Hadler’s Luxsystem continues to grow. The SL 20.2 LED family has a new member. In addition to the existing versions of steady white, tunable white and RGBW light sources, we are proud to introduce a revolutionary new light source for the workplace: we call it simply OPTIC (and it is tunable white). The “OPTIC” light source is specially developed for the needs of office spaces. Perfect glare-free light illumination of the working areas in UGR < 19 compliance while remaining in the background and easily integrating into the architecture.

We remain true to our design philosophy: minimalism in its purest form. With OPTIC, the light-diffusing optical elements are elegantly integrated into the light source diffuser thus joining the linear aesthetics with the optics. All areas of office lighting from individual computer workstations, conference rooms, corridors or lavatories - can now be designed with the same ultra slim luminaire silhouette of the SL 20.2 LED luminaire series.

If spaces later need to change, then the light sources can be easily exchanged at any time to more perfectly match the new desired functionality. All Luxsystem SL 20.2 LED light sources feature the same interface which enables microprocessor-based communications that ensure perfectly matched luminaires and light source parameters. This is what makes the SL 20.2 LED family so incredibly flexible and future-proof.

OPTIC - is a perfectly slim luminaire, perfectly tailored to the needs of the workplace. The TIR optics in the light source were specially developed for a pleasant, comfortable, and ergonomic office illumination - and the result are impressive: with perfect glare reduction - using only a 24 mm wide profile! Most similarly slim models that might be found in an office either do not achieve the required illuminance power of 500lx or are not sufficiently glare-free. The Luxsystem SL 20.2 LED OPTIC meets all requirements for standards compliant illumination of the workplace with UGR < 19 according to EN 12464-1 (2011), and that with a luminous flux of 2,600 lm/m despite its slim form factor!

OPTIC features Tunable White: which means that the color temperature can be selected at any time within a range from 2,700 to 6,500 Kelvin via DALI DT8 to suit highly individual needs. It also achieves a service life of 50,000 h with a maximum decrease in luminous flux of 10% while maintaining color rendering of Ra> 80. Thanks to these properties, the light source can not only be used at computer workstations, but is also predestined for all applications that might require minimalist aesthetics and ergonomically balanced glare-free illumination.

OPTIC provides excellent home office lighting.

Your home can also be a great place to work thanks to the flexibility of our OPTIC. Depending on your personal lighting needs during the day, you can make yourself as comfortable as possible in your home office while benefiting from increased concentration. Because certain light makes you more alert and more efficient – Tunable white luminaires are exceedingly capable regarding such aspects of Human Centric Lighting. Pioneering LED lighting technology and minimalist design. Implement such a lighting concept for improved concentration and comfort even in your home office!

Pendelleuchte SL 20.2 LED OPTIC als Bürobeleuchtung, UGR kleiner 19, dimmbar & höhenverstellbar