Best-possible lighting quality for your project.

This LED illuminant combines quality and the highest-possible efficiency.

Specially designed Luxsystem 10-pole sockets enable extensive data to be exchanged between the intelligent LED lightsources and the integral Luxtronic 4-channel LED drivers.

For example, precise colour and current characteristics are monitored there by enabling the system to optimise and calculate necessary parameters for matching specific chromaticity coordinates and brightness levels.

Operational information including temperatures, currents, and colour coordinates are monitored and even available via the DALI databus.

This future proof technology ensures a unique system longevity as photometrically identical modules are achievable even over significant periods of time. Advances in LED technologies such as reduced power consumption can easily be incorporated into the easily exchangeable light sources.

The use of new illuminants opens up new ways of illuminating rooms and objects, and new dimensions in lighting quality: LED illuminants offering maximum flexibility, efficiency and light quality.