Precisely planned light! The HADLER length optimiser for Luxsystem LED luminaires.

Light is a part of architecture, an important part. Light shows what is inside the architecture, shows its form, its lines and edges. Sometimes light is allowed to attract attention, to stand out from the architecture as a design object. Much more often, however, light should subordinate itself to the architecture, harmonise with it.

Above all, light lines and cove lighting should have clear references to the architecture. They should take up axes, reach into the corners and illuminate the entire length. Then it is important that the light starts and ends exactly where it was planned.

The luminaire market is full of light lines. As a planner, you can quickly lose track of everything - and you can despair trying to put together a precisely fitting light line yourself from the available products and lengths. Finding the optimal length is often tedious and time-consuming. And usually the result is still centimetres away from the optimum.

The search for precisely fitting light has come to an end: at Luxsystem, you get light that is accurate to the millimetre!

What is so special about it? Millimetre-precise light - how does that work?

Most manufacturers of light lines work with LED strips on which LED dots are applied at a certain distance. This distance determines in which sections the strip can be shortened - and that is always several centimetres! This means that in the best case your light line is a few centimetres shorter or longer than desired... usually it is more than 5 centimetres.

You do not have to make this compromise with HADLER: Luxsystem works with efficient LED tubes in various lengths instead of LED strips and has developed a length optimiser thanks to which the HADLER light lines can be adapted to your needs to the millimetre.

The following applies: the longer the required light strip, the more precisely it can be optimised to the specifications.

This is precisely planned light!


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