Perfectly homogenous uniform appearance –

Unmatched system efficacy without distracting discernable LEDs.

World's first seamless SLS LED light source matching the dimensions and light distributions of fluorescent solutions. Combines all the advantages of LED technology without the bright visible hot spots of individual LEDs. The beam angle exceeds 330° ensuring applicability where existing T5-technology is used, but without socket shadows. Only a relatively insignificant area without illumination exists where the body of the luminaire connects to the light source. Offering an efficacy between 140 lm/W and 150 lm/W combined with an expected lifetime of 50,000 hours make this light source an extremely cost-effective solution. Smooth flicker-free dimming with instant full luminous flux regardless of temperature considerations are additional key benefits.

Fascinating possibilities for lighting designers: Sleek and elegant LED luminaires without visibly distracting technical components are easily incorperated your designs.

Beam angle of more than 330° provides similar light distribution to fluorescent lamps.