LED light lines for residential house - lighting for living room and dining area

In private living areas, many possibilities remain unused when it comes to lighting the dining room and living room. Especially when the transitions from room to room are fluid and open, individual planning should not be lacking. Especially in the case of new planning, the style of the house should also be continuously taken into account in the lighting design. With consistent and coordinated lighting of the exterior and interior, a house looks inviting and homely.

A client from northern Hesse realised an impressive solution for his living and dining area. An 8m long LED light line runs through the dining area into the living room. The SL 20.3 in silver with diffuser was chosen as the ceiling luminaire. It is particularly suitable for general lighting as well as for coordinating indoor and outdoor lighting and rediscovering the experience of light. The additional accent lighting in the kitchen area and living room is realised via spotlights. It was possible to dispense with a visually disturbing distribution canopy because all Luxsystem LED luminaires include the Luxtronic integrated led driver.

"Light is more than just pure illumination. As a luminaire manufacturer, we were very pleased to support the building owner in his considerations," says Samet Albayrak, employee of HADLER GmbH and Luxsystem responsible.

Property owner

Light planning


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED

Luxsystem Steckvorrichtung LED Lichtlinie 20.3 schnelle Montage