New light for the faithful - Church lighting in the Jewish synagogue of Felsberg with Luxsystem luminaires from HADLER.

There is hardly anything more closely associated with faith than light, which frequently  stands for hope. So it is not surprising that the lighting of churches often has a very emotional significance. All the more so when the church building itself has a chequered past. In the small community of Felsberg in Hessen, there is a Jewish synagogue steeped in history, which now shines in very new light. On the eve of the “The Night of Broken Glass” in 1938, it was one of the first Jewish places of worship to fall victim to the Nazis' rage and destruction. After the war, it was misused as a storeroom, pub, pizzeria and flat, and only at the end of 2022, thanks to the commitment of the "Association for the Rescue of the Felsberg Synagogue", was it finally rededicated as a Jewish synagogue.  

HADLER considers itself quite fortunate to have been intimately involved in this special project with its Luxsystem luminaires. 

In Judaism and at Jewish festivals such as Chanukka, Purim, Pessach, Schawuot or Sukkot, light and darkness in all their manifestations, including rainbows, starry skies and the sun itself, play a central role. The new church lighting was to take up this symbolism and immerse the interior in different atmospheric lighting while inconspicuously merging the  LED luminaires into the architecture. This was achieved by integrating two complete SL20.2 linear systems from Hadler’s Luxsystem, one above the other, running completely around the gallery. 

Matching church lighting with RGBW luminaires 

The RGBW-capable ultra slim LED luminaires, together with the DALI Up lighting control systems from HADLER, can offer exceedingly colorful spatial diversity. Allowing for creative impressions complementing the deeply religious festivals and events, while at other times offering a puristic warm white comforting atmosphere for everyday life. For example, blue lighting in combination with the ceiling’s painted blue and gold accents creates a starry sky offering an intense feeling of space and security at the same time. Golden accents from the light object in the centre of the room or on the Torah shrine further enhance the feeling of transcendence.

Church lighting in the Jewish synagogue of Felsberg with Luxsystem luminaires from HADLER

Property owner
Verein zur Rettung der Synagoge Felsberg

Light planning
Christopher Willing


Luminaire type
SL 20.2 RGBW

Luxsystem Steckvorrichtung Lichtband Led Beleuchtung RGB-TW