Exciting architectural lighting purism realized in new student residences featuring elegant black Luxsystem 20.3 LED luminaire systems.

In the fall of 2017, the Woodie residential centre for students opened in Hamburg. A strikingly design by Sauerbruch Hutton echoes the familiars forms of the many containers found in the Port of Hamburg. The “Woodie” consists of a total of 371 prefabricated wooden micro-apartments that have been stacked together in the Wilhelmsburg district. This residential project in Hamburg is currently the world's largest single wooden modular construction. When designing the interior of the student residences, specific attention was paid to a puristic design style regarding the selection of all materials. Details include unique black coloured flooring made of natural rubber. When choosing the luminaires, the architectural firm Sauerbruch Hutton opted for the new black anodised 20.3 LED Luxsystem Luminaires by HADLER. They successfully complement the selection of  interior materials and blend harmoniously into the design.

Artificial light sources that correspond to the natural light was very important to the architect Sybille Bornefeld. The architectural lighting design for the “Woodie” creates connections between the individual building areas. Illuminated zones delineate specific niches in the corridors while a puristic staircase lighting design visually completes the design. Different arrangements of the luminaires enhance perception while providing directional viewpoints. As intended by the designer, the black SL 20.3 luminaires merge skilfully into the architecture.

Property owner
Primus Developments GmbH

sauerbruch hutton, Berlin

Light planning
sauerbruch hutton, Berlin


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED