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Luxsystem LED luminaire with connector for easy installation SL 20.3

SL 20.3 LED

The art of lighting – shadow-free perfectly dimmable lines of light. The SL 20.3 DALI LED luminaire is dimmable both as an individual luminaire and as a light line, and at just 2.4 centimetres wide is probably the narrowest LED luminaire on the market.

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SL 20.2 LED

Lighting Perfection – the LED luminaire SL 20.2. Premium quality minimalistic design luminaires of extruded aluminium integrating the various lengths of the intelligent Luxsystem LED light sources.

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Luxsystem LED luminaire with connector for easy installation SL 20.2
Luxsystem LED luminaire with connector for easy installation SL 67.2

SL 67.2 LED

Reliable and robust: with very broad applications range. Decorative facade lighting or functional general illumination capable of operating in extreme temperature conditions both indoors and outdoors exemplifies how the SL 67.2 LED masters a wide range of lighting tasks.

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SL 20.2

General-diffuse luminaire for Seamless illuminants in various lengths made of aluminium. The minimalist design of the SL 20.1 is incorporated into the Seamless illuminant holder, which also makes it easy to replace illuminants in confined spaces.

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SL 20.1

With its reduced design, high-level technical specifications and large number of system components, the SL 20.1 general-diffuse light band made of aluminium offers solutions for a wide variety of lighting tasks, especially where the fluorescent luminaires are visible.

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SL 67.2

This aluminium IP67-protection class fluorescent lamp for T5 illuminants is available in various lengths. The patented sliding connector for IP67 means that its advantages, including the possibility of creating longer light strips, are available even in areas with a higher degree of protection.

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