This children's dental practice uses Luxsystem's 20.2 light strip to illuminate its premises.

Light can be a well-being or stress factor. Special attention should be paid to lighting in a dental practice, as it not only influences the quality of the work carried out and the well-being of the dentist and staff, it also needs to have a calming effect on the patients. The treatment room: In order to be able to detect even the smallest colour differences between teeth, the colour-rendering quality of the practice-lighting needs to be very high, and colour rendering is also the decisive factor for the optimal recognition of different materials.

The DIN standard for artificial lighting, DIN 5035, specifies 1,000 lux for the treatment environment. By way of comparison, an office workplace is illuminated with 500 lux and the oral cavity with at least 8,000 lux. The lighting plan for the practice's lighting was drawn up by the lighting designers at Candela Lichtplanung, who have opted for SL 20.2 light strips from Luxsystem.

Property owner
Milchzahn | Praxis für Kinderzahnheilkunde Gerlingen

12:43 Architekten

Light planning
Candela Lichtplanung GmbH


Luminaire type
SL 20.2