HUGO opens an amazing curated space in Berlin featuring lighting with the Luxsystem LED luminaires.

In central Berlin, the fashion company HUGO recently installed a new curated space at the close of 2018. As well as retail space, it also provides culinary delights from Berlin restaurants. The store, comprising around 100 square metres, stocks an exclusive limited edition collection for its customers.

Brands are increasingly developing extemporal and ephemeral experience defined spaces like this, which often strengthen brand associations for existing customers or even attract new. “Appropriate lighting is absolutely crucial for establishing positive and impactful  influence that ensures positive customers reactions, providing added value in brand loyalty and actually increasing sales,” according to Andreas Hadler (Managing Director of HADLER GmbH, Felsberg). The Luxsystem elegant black 20.3 LED  luminaires were selected as the lighting solution for HUGO’s new Curated Space in Berlin.

Kleinoffice provided a holistic design scheme with consistent linear lighting that connects the two cube spaces. In addition, the lighting complements the minimalist style and becomes part of the scaled back scenography. The high quality neutral white light in a distinct functional layout works perfectly with the chosen materials and successfully creates an atmosphere that complements the collection.

Luxsystem LED linear luminaire systems provide impeccable retail lighting that takes into account both the requirements of the customers and the branding experience sought by all the involved stakeholders. All the while fully supporting a very  sustainable and responsible approach with the most energy-efficient lighting available. The luminaires have LED drivers by Luxtronic with expected life spans exceeding 100,000 hours, and the LED light sources themselves are also easily upgradable. The lighting planners were very keen to implement the most flexible, energy-efficient, and cost- effective lighting solution possible for the space.

Property owner

Light planning


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED

Luxsystem LED luminaire with connector for easy installation SL 20.3