We were looking for a linear lighting system to illuminating our store in the museum. We found an elegant luminaire with the required minimal dimensions.

The Leuchtenburg, located in the Thuringian town of Kahla, is known as the "Queen of the Saale Valley" and is one of the main monuments of public interest in the Saale Valley region. It has a leading role in tourism and housing an important museum with a visitor centre. The polygonal, light-flooded interiors of the new guest building are the work of the lighting design office, which fitted an unevenly-set luminaire louvre.

The lighting designers developed this design idea when they visited the building at a time when it was still a shell construction. The light surfaces and light fields were designed with the SL 20.2 light band from Luxsystem. The luminous intensity of the light fields is intended to outstrip daylight, so that the main task of the lighting, namely to draw attention to the museum shop and bistro, is fulfilled.

Property owner
Stiftung Leuchtenburg e.V.

Bauconsult-Hermsdorf mit Silke Loose, Freie Architektin

Light planning
Anke Augsburg Licht


Luminaire type
SL 20.2