Transformation of the façade with a unique shadow-free llinear Lighting solution.

At the end of 2012, the La Cour building in Düsseldorf's Le Quartier Central, premiered as the first office building in the newly-built district. The architectural characterization of the seven-storey office building is clear, timeless and elegant forms. The broad natural lighting elements of the façade highlight the project's claims of sustainability and energy efficiency.

As part of the façade lighting, the Luxsystem SL 67.2 was extensiely used. The requirements of the lighting system were considerable: including cost-effective uniform illumination without any shadows and quick safe installation of the very long lines of light. Thanks to the slim lighting fixtures with their ingenious quick-assembly continuous line technology, the project was considered very successful.

Property owner
HOCHTIEF Projektentwicklung GmbH

slapa oberholz pszczulny | architekten


Luminaire type
SL 67.2