Minimalistic, creatively arranged, commercial space featuring elegant Luxsystem LED pendant luminaires.

“It is important for us to distinguish our Kreuzberg identity and provide it with renewed focus that exemplifies our increased connection to our neighbourhood” explains Voo founders Yasin Müjdeci and Thibaud Guyonnet at the re-opening of the “Compact Market”. Quite scaled back, the Voo Store uses just 85m² of commercial space for both high fashion basics, men’s wear and women’s wear. Included are designer and contemporary labels such as Acne Studios, Dries van Noten, Jil Sander, Marni, and Prada. The shop design was developed in-house in close cooperation with architect Bilge Kalfa. The idea behind the design is to pay tribute to the location’s 150-year old history of supporting traditional retailing while breathing new life into the area at the same time. Bright blue floors are combined with minimalistic and clean details such as metal rainbows and clothing racks. Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret added wooden beams, tables, and a bench to give the shop a more natural flair. Perfectly matching lighting was needed and the versatile minimalistic SL 20.3 pendant luminaires by Luxsystem were chosen for the task. Very sleek and elegant the Luxsystem SL 20.3 LED modules are available as wall-mounted, surface-mounted, and pendant luminaires.

Pendant luminaires as an eye-catcher

According to business manager Yasin Müjdeci, “for us, this sleek pendant luminaire perfectly combines energy efficiency with state-of-the-art LED technologies. It simply looks very modern – a real eye-catcher that is noticed by our clientele when they visit the shop.”

Property owner
Müjdeci GmbH


Light planning


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED

Luxsystem LED luminaire with connector for easy installation SL 20.3