The Leopoldina Hospital uses the 20.2 light strip for its staircase lighting.

The extension to the Psychosomatic Clinic, completed in 2014, is similar in design to the existing buildings of the Leopoldina Hospital and has been positioned parallel to the main building. The five-storey new building houses a psychosomatic clinic, doctor's offices, a private clinic, the central laboratory as well as practices for radiotherapy and nuclear medicine. The planners installed the Luxsystem SL 20.2 light strips in the concrete recesses of the main staircase.

Problems often arise with staircase lighting. On the one hand, the staircases have to be optimally illuminated in order to ensure safe orientation and movement, with the luminaires also functioning as emergency lighting. On the other, these areas are only used irregularly, so that constant lighting uses an inordinate amount of electricity.

Property owner
Leopoldina-Krankenhaus der Stadt Schweinfurt GmbH

Light planning
Ingenieurbüro Pfister


Luminaire type
SL 20.2