Luxsystem 20.2 LED RGBW modules and luminaires provide a unique creative high-end lighting solution.

The Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne originally opened in 1913, and has come to represent a strong commitment to an enlightened dialogue with the world. With plenty of thought provoking inspiration it features genuine new perspectives surrounding the art of East Asia. The Cologne firm “Lichtplanung A. Hartung” was commissioned to plan all the lighting during the building’s renovation.

Luxsystem 20.2 LED Tunable White and Luxsystem LED RGBW modules were used to provide unique visual effects in the restaurant area. Rows of RGBW luminaires were integrated into the luminous glass ceiling suspensions. The indirect LED ambient lighting installation is very impressive with perfectly homogenous and uniform illumination. The luminaires in the museum are all easily controllable through Hadler’s DALI-uP lighting controllers.


Property owner
Stadt Köln

Light planning
Lichtplanung A. Hartung, Köln


Luminaire type
SL 20.2 LED