Puristic approach featuring the most energy-effiecient LED lighting: Redefining office lighting for Party Rent in Munich.

At the end of July in 2018, the time had finally come for approximately 60 employees of Party Rent Munich to move into their exciting new Munich Feldkirchen location in the immediate vicinity of the exhibition center . The European market leader in party and rental event equipment chose JAROSCH ARCHITEKTUR for all the planning and commisioning of its new facilities in Munich. The structure was designed to provide a unique space for integrating the complexities of its multi-step production processes while also providing a home for administration and office space. Party Rent often requires repetative processes that must perfectly mesh from all facets. Providing rental goods and the ensuing logistical challenges must mesh with return inspections, and sometimes eventual repairs before re-storage.

A compact structural design permeates both the outside and inside atmosphere. Focus called for a homogeneous, scaled back timeless look. Interior atmosphere characteristics include continuous seamless straight lines, harmonizing materials and colors. All working areas feature integrated lighting scheme elements that offer ideal conditions for the Party Rent Munich team. The interaction of natural light and artificial light applications was considered of paramount importance by the architects and was successfully realized with the elegant black Luxsystem SL 20.3 LED luminaires providing the office lighting (featuring superior color rendering index CRI ≥ 90). The linear Luxsystem luminaires provide puristic ceiling and wall illumination harmony ensuring that the interior is optimally illuminated while electricity and maintenance costs are minimized.

Property owner
Party Rent Munich


Light planning


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED

Luxsystem LED luminaire with connector for easy installation SL 20.3