Simply contagious: SLS 20.3 LED systems for creating unbroken and extremely long homogenious lines of light.

Conveniently located near the sports hall, the indoor pool and the clubhouse, a new fire station was built in Waiblingen-Neustadt. This building was designed by architect Bernd Zimmermann. The warehouse, technology department, workshop and radio control centre were arranged as individual functional areas around the vehicle hall. The result was a building with a clear and minimalist design style.

Skylights provide a necessary welcoming quality in the corridors, and a line of windows on the upper floor provides a view into the vehicle hall. When daylight is not sufficient the intelligent Luxsystem lines of light come into play. The discrete surface-mounted linear SL 20.3 LED modules offer the possibility to provide optimal light enhancement in line with the aesthetic and functional aspects.

Property owner
Stadt Waiblingen

Bernd Zimmermann Architekten, Luwigsburg


Luminaire type
SL 20.3 LED